Wood Flooring Considerations


Add 10% – 12% additional square feet 

Lead Time

6 – 8 weeks

Please inquire for larger quantities


1 – 2 weeks

Upon delivery, check wood flooring moisture content with a moisture meter to establish a baseline for acclimation. Be sure to check the content of multiple boards. Do not store wood flooring at the jobsite under uncontrolled environmental conditions. Garages, and exterior patios are not acceptable areas to store wood flooring.

Work Site Prep

Do not install wood flooring until all concrete, masonry, plastering, drywall, texturing and painting primer coats are complete.

If you are installing on concrete, wood flooring requires either a subfloor or direct glue. (Please refer to NWFA Guidelines as installation is site specific.) We recommend engineered floors for radiant heat.


For most installations, we recommend a climatic temperature within 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 30% to 50% humidity level.

Test for moisture at several locations in the room – a minimum of 20 per 1,000 square feet – and average the results. Check moisture content on subfloors (wood or concrete).


We recommend Bona products.

A light sanding is required on reclaimed patina floors and a full sand on clean face floors to remove mill marks and over-wood.

Reclaimed features may include color/grain variation, nail/knot holes, checking, insect scarring/worminess and other post consumer characteristics. Floors may require filling holes as needed subject to customer aesthetic with epoxy (various colors available, inquire on recommendations).