Urban Refines Its Mixed Hardwood Collection

We think this is the most forgiving and unforgettable floor we create.

Here’s a few more reasons to love UE mixed hardwoods:

  1. The wood tones compliment a wide assortment of materials in your space.
  2. It is ultra-forgiving on wear and tear.
  3. The variety of character and textures work with many styles from rustic to modern.

Did we forget to mention it’s hard wood and more than 100 years old?

Our mixed hardwoods are reclaimed from turn-of-the-century dairy and tobacco barns throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states.

The varied tones in our signature mixed hardwood flooring give extraordinary warmth to any space. With original saw marks, knots, nail holes and character throughout, this floor looks beautiful in rustic surroundings while the variety of textures give it a unique, modern feel when used in contemporary installations.

Comprised of a variety of hardwoods, our four-mix includes oaks, elm, ash, maple or beech. Our eight-mix includes red oak, white oak, elm, ash, maple, beech, cherry, and walnut. Our custom mixed hardwood floor can include skip-planed red or skip-planed white paint in the mix.

We also offer the eight-mix in rustic grade, which was featured in a late 19th century barn we reassembled and furnished materials for in Shiocton, Wisconsin.

It’s not hard to see why the reclaimed mixed hardwood is our most popular floor.

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