Factory Maple
Done Several Ways

In all honesty, factory maple is one of our favorites.
(Yes, we are playing favorites here.)

Not only is it unique but color variation and scarring that is preserved from decades of hard work helps us to imagine years of cart tracks, nail holes, boot patterns and mineral stains.

As a material, it can be combined with other wood or finished multiple ways to create a unique space.

When Urban Outfitters SoHo asked us to provide our factory maple three ways, we made it happen. First, was straight maple (as seen with sneakers). The second was with original factory floor paint (with vintage oxfords) to line the showroom floors. And then in the dressing rooms, they take an upbeat turn with a fun and pretty painted diagonal diamond pattern to produce a third pattern.

We couldn’t resist sneaking in a shot of the splattered factory maple floors in our Appleton offices, too (that’s the one with the great Frye boots).

We use it in Furnishings to build several products including the Factory Maple BarFactory Maple Community Table and Waterfall Desk.

If you are considering using reclaimed wood in your next project, send us a note so we can work together to determine if factory maple is right for you!

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