© Sam Oberter Photography

reclaimed tobacco lath
commercial office | pennsylvania

We’ve worked with STUDIORobert Jamieson on multiple projects over the last 15 years and were delighted to supply our reclaimed tobacco lath as well as baseboard and brown board siding for an office environment in Malvern, a city about 25 miles from Philadelphia.

Tobacco Lath Installed in Office Hallway

© Sam Oberter Photography

Tobacco lath is thin, narrow sticks of straight-grained wood which was used by farmers to dry tobacco leaves. A metal tip was attached to the end of the wood where several leaves were speared and hung in the rafters of the barn to dry.

We salvaged this wood from Southwest Wisconsin, processed it at our facility in Appleton and sent it to Philadelphia where Jamieson’s team installed the reclaimed materials onto the walls of this beautiful office.

We’ve recently wrapped up a few more projects in the Town of Brotherly Love. Read about these projects by visiting our blog.

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