reclaimed materials & furnishings
menasha corporation | neenah, wi

Miron Construction approached Urban to reclaim materials from Menasha Corporation‘s 48-year-old office facility. As a material-design partner, we brainstormed ideas on how to repurpose timber and siding for the company’s new headquarters.

photo credit: Image Studios

We were thrilled to be part of this local effort working with members of the Miron and Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) as well as with individuals inside Menasha Corporation to bring this project full circle.

Designed by EUA, the packaging company’s new office showcases these beautiful reclaimed materials:

  • Reclaimed cedar boards originally used on the outside of the building were installed as wall cladding for the Heritage meeting room
  • Reclaimed structural decking became ceiling cladding used in many common areas
  • Once large laminated structural timbers turned decorative beams now secure the glass perimeter on the second floor, as well as cover the stringers on the main stairwell near the reception area
  • Reclaimed laminated beam material was also used to make stairs and handrails

A large, cedar communal waterfall table (also designed by EUA) is also located in the company’s Heritage meeting room.

Our team spent several days at the salvage site sorting for usable material. Once at our shop, we removed nails and then re-sawed and sanded boards. To get some materials ready for their second life, we enlisted the help of local partners that included cabinetmakers, planning mills and painting shops.

Pictured here are the glulams on saws at our facility.

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photo credit: Image Studios