factory maple – trek | waterloo, wi

1976. In a small red barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin, half a dozen hardworking midwesterners began building simple, high-quality steel road frames.”  – Trek

Factory Maple Community Table at Trek Bicycle Corporation
Factory Maple at Trek Bicycle Corporation

So begins the story of Trek, a company whose original mission was to “build the best bikes in the world.”

We’re proud to outfit this Wisconsin icon’s world headquarters and become a part of their narrative.

Trek chose three finishes of our factory maple flooring to showcase some of their first bikes “side-by-side with the latest and greatest.” Trek’s early aluminum frames line up with today’s innovative performance race bikes in the headquarters’ atrium.

The maple, salvaged from the Emeril Cookware factory in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, varies from its rustic aged patina, to lightly re-surfaced, to a clean-planed look, providing a visual timeline for Trek’s technological evolution over the past 37 years.

Trek also incorporated two massive 15’ factory maple community tables with locally sourced steel tube frames, further fusion of the old and the new, and venues where surely more history will be made.

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