Engineered versus solid?
We say both.

With our 20 years of flooring experience, we’ve developed the know-how and versatility to deliver both solid and engineered wood flooring.

Engineered and Solid Flooring Installed at High End Retailer in NYC

Take VINCE retail stores as a case study. We supplied both solid and engineered white oak to accommodate different installation conditions achieving the same look with both.

While there are well known benefits to both solid and engineered, the following list also includes cost and installation considerations that may have an impact on your selection:


  1. Solid wood flooring, over 5″ wide, typically requires both nailing to the sub floor and gluing down to prevent cupping.
  2. Because most prefinished engineered floors have a micro-bevel, refinishing is more of a challenge. You either have to sand below the micro-bevel, removing more of the wear layer than would be normally necessary or accept seeing the old finish trapped in the micro-bevel.
  3. Quality engineered flooring can be more expensive than their counterparts in solid wood flooring.
  4. In instances where a sub floor exists, the cost difference between installing engineered versus solid may be negligible.
  5. Well finished reclaimed floors with original patina may require little to no refinishing over time due to the already existing visual character in the wood surface.


  1. Installation: Can be installed over plywood and concrete subfloors, takes less time to install and is typically sold prefinished.  
  2. Width: Great for designs that incorporate wider boards as there are less concerns with cupping or twisting. 
  3. Heat: Better suited for installing over in-floor heating systems. 


  1. Variety: Available in a wide array of species in unfinished or custom finishes.  
  2. Longevity: Ability to sand and refinish many times as well as its ability to expand and contract in accordance with the home’s relative humidity. 
  3. Aesthetic: Offers natural wood characteristics where every board is unique and adds value to a home or business. 

Our product development team has been hard at work adding new products to our wood flooring collection including several options that can be both solid and engineered.

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