Cladding Considerations


Reclaimed features may include color/grain variation, nail/knot holes, checking, insect scarring/worminess and other post consumer characteristics. Because this is a reclaimed wood product, you should expect cracks. Some pieces may have a slight cupping and we suggest placing these pieces in the middle of the wall or ceiling and not on the ends or corners.


We recommend installing our product on a dark, neutral color wall. If the wall is not neutral, you may want to paint the wall so that holes, knots or cracks do not show the light color wall behind. Nail heads with clean face will be visible.


You can apply a clear finish but we recommend lightly sanding prior to applying finish. The type of surface may require different finish technique and product. Wall or vertical cladding may require less sanding, fill and fewer coats of finish as opposed to horizontal, table top or work surface cladding. Heavy to moderate sanding will remove the natural weathered look and leave the wood lighter. The more patina left on the material the darker the boards will be. Water base sealers are recommended as they add less amber to the wood. Oil base sealers will amber and darken the wood.


Include extra material for edge and corner trim pieces, wood thickness may need to be increased for edging. Please allow an extra 10-12% material waste for on-site installation.

Care Instructions

Please contact your Urban Evolutions Sales Representative.